In most homes, a system of ducts are distributed throughout the house to deliver air from the furnace and air conditioner.  In a typical home, only 80% of the air you heated or cooled makes it to your living space.  The remaining 20% of the air is lost through leaks, holes, and bad connections in your duct system which heats up your crawlspace and attic instead of the living space.

You might have leaky and/or poorly performing ducts if:

  • You have metal heat ducts with seams not sealed, or sealed with duct tape
  • You have high utility bills in the heating and cooling season
  • You have rooms that are different temperatures than the rest of the house
  • You have ducts that have been crushed or are in some way impeding air flow
  • You have ducts outside of the conditioned air space (attic, garage, crawl space)
  • You have stuffy rooms that never feel as comfortable as the rest of your home

Thanks very much. The guys did a great job. I really appreciate the good work. The house is noticeably more comfortable. I also really appreciate how quickly you are able to fit me into the schedule. If you ever need a reference for a job in the future let me know.
— Chris, Portland