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Hot weather or cold, if you're feeling a draft in your home, that's likely a sign of poor insulation and leaks. Right now, we're offering a special inspection package to diagnose and help you identify problem areas, and build a plan to prep your home for energy efficiency with a little help from Energy Trust of Oregon. 

What's Included

Our experienced team will spend an hour or less checking vital areas of your home including complete air leakage diagnostic testing and an infrared camera scan. We'll provide a detailed action plan and pricing to improve your home's ENERGY USE and COMFORT. As a single source for all such improvements, you'll find we offer a better price and overall value. 

Energy Trust rebates come in the form of a check sent to you directly once the work has been completed. Don't delay making your home more comfortable and energy efficient — sign up today!

Curious about your potential savings?

Take a look at this example based on a 1,500 square foot single-level home:


Crawl Space:
Exterior Walls:
Air Sealing:
Total Incentives

1500sf x .25 = $375 Incentive
1500sf x .30 = $450 Incentive
1350sf x .30 = $435 Incentive
= $150 Incentive


These incentives can pay for up to 20% of the total cost of the job!

Weatherization Incentives from Energy Trust of Oregon

Each insulation incentive paid one time per home, regardless of ownership. Qualifications for existing conditions may apply. 

  • $0.25 per square foot: Attic/ceiling  
  • $0.30 per square foot: Floor, wall, knee wall, rim joist
  • $0.50 per linear foot: Boiler pipe 
  • 50 percent of cost, up to $100: Ducts


  • $4.00 per square foot of windows installed, U-value 0.27 or less 
  • $1.75 per square foot of windows installed, U-value 0.28–0.30


  • Direct-Vent Gas Fireplace: $250, 75% fireplace efficiency, FE, or greater; $150, 70-74.9% FE
  • Gas Furnace
    Gas furnace incentive available for single-family rental property owners and qualifying moderate-income homeowners
  • Gas Boiler: $200, 88% AFUE or greater
  • Ductless Heat Pump: $800 per residence, for homes replacing electric resistance heat, HSPF 9.0 or greater
  • Heat Pump: Upgrade from an electric furnace, baseboard, wall heater or ceiling heat; $700, HSPF 9.5 or greater; $450, HSPF 9.0 or greater
    • Upgrade a heat pump or replace non-electric heat (examples include: oil, propane or wood): $500, HSPF 9.5 or greater; $250, HSPF 9.0 or greater
  • Heat Pump Advanced Controls: $150, home must be heated primarily by an electric heat pump and electric forced-air furnace
  • Smart Thermostat: $50, select smart thermostat models qualify, home must be primarily heated with a forced-air furnace (electric or gas), or an electric heat pump with electric furnace backup

Water Heater

  • $100 gas tank, 0.67 energy factor, EF, or greater, must be ENERGY STAR' qualified
  • $300 heat pump water heater, Tier 2 or 3 (55 gallons or less)*
  • $150 heat pump water heater, Tier 1 (55 gallons or less)•

* Must meet Northwest Energy Efficiency Alliance's Northern Climate Specification.

Seal Air Leaks

  • $250 per home

Available for single-family detached homes built before or during 1982. Other qualifications may apply.

The Fine Print

  • Appointments required and subject to availability.
  • Merchant cancellation/re-scheduling policy of 48 hours applies.
  • Valid in Energy Trust of Oregon Territory. Some restrictions apply.
  • Valid for existing homes only.
  • No new construction.
  • Cannot be retroactively applied.

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