Older windows can account for a significant amount of a heat loss in a typical home. They also can contribute to a feeling of drafts in a room. New energy efficient windows can dramatically reduce that heat loss. However, the economics of window replacement are a bit more complicated. As anyone knows who has priced windows, they tend to be expensive and the financial payback tends to be longer than other energy improvements.

What should I do? Get an energy assessment and understand your options and the financial impact of choosing which energy efficient improvements you want to make to your home.

You should consider replacing your windows if:

  • Your home feels drafty in cold weather
  • Your heating and cooling bills are high—and continue to increase
  • You’re concerned about how safe or secure your windows are
  • Your home’s existing windows are making your home look old and dated
  • The windows are in need of repair
  • Your windows are difficult to open or close
  • You’re planning to sell your home and you need “curb appeal” to make the sale
  • You have already taken advantage of other energy saving opportunities with a faster payback

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