Air Seal Your Home for Added Comfort

Image of inside of home. Air Seal Your Home for Added Comfort.

Give yourself the gift of energy efficiency in your Oregon home this spring season.

The key to increased energy savings and improved efficiency starts with air sealing. If you seal your Bend home now, you will save money on your utility bills. You can enjoy the spring in comfort—with a few extra dollars in your pocket—knowing you protected your home.

Our HomeRx and Performance Insulation professionals are here to assist you with solutions for all your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) needs. We are confident air sealing will make a big difference in your year-round comfort level at home.

What Is Air Sealing?

Simply put, air sealing closes any holes or cracks in your home, so your conditioned air does not seep out, and cold or hot outdoor air stays outside.

Losing air through holes and cracks serves no purpose other than wasting energy and hiking your utility bills. It is not an appropriate method of ventilating your Bend home because there is no way to control how much air leaves or enters your home.

The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) says air leakage also can contribute to moisture problems that can affect your health and your home’s structural integrity. The agency points out that air sealing reduces drafts and cold spots. It also recommends a professional energy audit as a first step toward finding and sealing cracks and holes.

Diagnosing Energy Use

HomeRx offers detailed energy audits that examine the way your home uses—and loses—energy. Our experts check for everything from air leaks to the efficiency of your HVAC system and will offer solutions that are suited for your unique needs. If you need additional insulation, we can help you with that too.

Air sealing along with additional insulation in your home can save approximately 15 percent on heating and cooling costs. Our experienced professionals can help you choose the best insulation for your comfort goals and determine where it would be most effective in your Bend home.

Combining air sealing with added insulation keeps cold winter air out, saves on energy, reduces noise from outdoors, and improves indoor air quality (IAQ).

Can I Do Any Sealing?

If you are handy with weatherstripping and a caulking gun, you may enjoy a do-it-yourself sealing project on a warm fall day. Focus on these areas around your home: 

  • Check the caulk around the outside of your windows for signs of deterioration. Are gaps forming in the caulking? Is it cracked, and does it disintegrate when you touch it? Remove the old, deteriorated caulk and clean off any residue. Use your caulking gun to fill the gap where the window meets the side of your house. Do the same for your doors.
  • Look at the weather-stripping around your doors and windows. Replace the material if it is dry or broken. Remove the old weather-stripping, clean the area and add the new material.

Caulking and weatherstripping your doors and windows is a smart way to improve energy efficiency in your home, but it is just a start. Let our HomeRx pros seal all air leaks, even hard-to-find cracks or holes.

Celebrate Spring in Comfort

Air sealing is important throughout any heating or cooling season. Give yourself and your family energy savings and comfort this spring in your Bend, OR, home. Schedule a consultation with HomeRx today. Call us at 503-479-5290 or request service online.

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