Community Support

Tigard High School - HomeRx donated $200 to this local highschool in support of their fundraising campaign.

Lennar Diaper Drive - Our friends and partners at Lennar announced Portland’s 2022 The Great Diaper DriveBenefitting children ages 0 - 6 in foster care, their goal is to raise enough money to purchase 75,000 diapers for With Love Oregon (Annually Supported 2021,2022)

Feed Salem | Cozies Sandwiches - HomeRx participated in a sandwhich drive. Employees were given the opportunity to support this drive and HomeRx was willing to match their contributions to support the feeding of the local homeless and needy residents.

PDX Diaper Drive - Our friends and partners at Taylor Morrison are hosted a Diaper Drive benefiting the PDX Diaper Bank! Employees and management participated in donating diapers for foster care programs. Below is a link to the PDX Diaper Bank for more information regarding this organization. PDX DIAPER BANK

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