How to Upgrade Your Home Insulation

How to Upgrade Your Home Insulation. Air ducting - inside flexible aluminum ventilation tube.

You increase comfort and decrease energy consumption by improving the insulation in your Oregon home. Less energy use translates into lower energy bills. 

How do you know you need to replace the insulation or upgrade it? HomeRx & Performance Insulation can help:

  • Your insulation shows mold or other signs of damage. 
  • Your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system works longer to achieve and maintain the desired temperature. 
  • Your walls feel cold in the winter.
  • You fixed a roof or plumbing leak but failed to remove the affected insulation.
  • You do not have enough insulation, or you have not insulated areas that would benefit from insulation. 
  • Indoor air quality (IAQ) has worsened, triggering your allergies.

Sound familiar? If you can check off any of these signs, it is time to create an insulation strategy for your Bend home. 

Looking at Energy Loss

Our first step is a thorough insulation assessment. Insulation can be like a thick wool sweater that covers your home and keeps cold air out.

Or that sweater can be thin paper with holes and missing sleeves. We can identify where insulation is lacking and how you can bolster its effectiveness. 

If you want an even broader picture of the energy use in your home, ask our qualified team at HomeRx & Performance Insulation for an energy audit. This tool is not limited to insulation but also scrutinizes your energy bills, HVAC system, ductwork, windows, doors, and other areas where air can escape. We will create a prescription of recommended upgrades for your home.

Air Sealing

Insulation can help your home stay warm in winter and cool in summer, but it works better with other upgrades, such as air sealing. Adding insulation before sealing gaps around doors, windows, fireplaces, and other openings hides where outdoor air and moisture can enter your home but does not correct the problem. 

Our experts at HomeRx & Performance Insulation can seal openings before applying insulation. Your ductwork might also be a good candidate for insulation and sealing. Let us inspect your ductwork for cracks and holes, seal openings, and insulate. 

ENERGY STAR® promotes air sealing and insulating as an essential means of delivering comfort, reducing noise, controlling humidity, preventing outdoor pollution from entering your home, and saving energy.

ENERGY STAR estimates that 9 out of 10 homes in the U.S. are inadequately insulated. 

The agency points out that sealing air leaks and adding insulation to a typical home, for example, can save approximately 12 percent on annual energy bills. Those savings add up to 12 to 14 percent in the Midwest, 12 percent along the East Coast, and 8 percent in much of the South. 

Kinds of Insulation

Insulation is available as batting, rolls, foam board, loose-fill, and sprayed-in foam. Each type is suited for specific locations in your home.

For example, batting works well with floors and ceilings. Loose insulation is a good choice for unfinished attic floors. You can add foam spray to walls and unfinished attic floors and ceilings. 

Let HomeRx & Performance Insulation guide you through the selection process to find the best insulation for your home and your budget. Our pros will install the product where it will benefit your Bend home the most. 

Ease Your Budget

Insulation is more affordable than ever because of federal tax credits available through 2032. The federal government allows you to claim 30 percent of your insulation project, up to $1,200. 

At HomeRx & Performance Insulation, we also keep track of rebates and discounts that can help you lower the cost of upgrading insulation in your home. 

Start Insulating Today

Ask our HomeRx & Performance Insulation pros to assess insulation needs in your Bend, OR, home. We will recommend the best materials and locations in your home for insulation. You will notice the difference in both comfort and energy bills this winter.  Call us at 800-723-5588 or request service online.

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