Furnace Installation in West Linn, OR

In response to an issue that had cropped up following the recent installation of my new Trane gas furnace your scheduling team immediately sent out a technician to address my concerns. Please accept my highest praise for the tech that came today (10/14/2020). His name is Daniel Cano and he demonstrated the following traits:


  • He donned appropriate PPE gear to work within my home
  • Daniel listened to my concerns and quickly affirmed that what I have noted indeed needed to be addressed
  • Together we went to the furnace room where the necessary furnace panels were efficiently removed
  • Daniel quickly determined where the problem area was and set about to repair it…and this should have been a happy ending right here, but…
  • After performing the repair and then testing his work he noted that the repair did not fix the issue completely
  • Without hesitation or frustration he dug deeper into this mystery (there was no hurry on his part even though this was at the end of the workday) and brought more diagnostic tools to bear
  • Further sleuthing revealed what had to be done and unhesitatingly he disassembled, cleaned, sealed, re-threaded and tightened the offending item and RETESTED once again
  • VOILA! Issue fully resolved… customer (ME) happy !

Daniel’s attitude was first-class, he was professional at all times, explaining what he was doing as I watched and, in the end, I have full confidence in the work performed and that I will not have a recurrence of this issue.

Thank you for sending this fine technician to my home.