Dry Out Construction Services

Are you building a new home in Oregon or Washington? Be sure to add plenty of insulation.

Weather conditions in the Pacific Northwest can deliver some pretty strong winds and cold temperatures. Summers here can be dry and hot. A well-insulated home is the best way to combat these conditions.

HomeRx and Performance Insulation Energy Services has a team of licensed professionals ready to work with you from the start of your new build. We can partner with your contractor to deliver the best insulation services in the PNW.

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Dry Out Construction Services

At each stage of a new construction build, you want to be sure the foundation is dry enough to move forward to the next phase. Too often, a builder pressed for time will use green or wet lumber with a high moisture count. Doing so can compromise the integrity of your home.

As a general rule of thumb, lumber intended for framing should not exceed a moisture content of 19 percent. Excessive moisture can lead to shrinkage, cracks, unsightly openings around your trim, and other related problems.

Once the framing is enclosed, it is almost impossible to correct these issues.

The Problem With Moisture

A damp structure is an unhealthy structure. You risk fungal growth that can only get worse over time. You find mold growth in areas that seem dry and have no leaks. Studies have shown a clear relationship between damp structures and respiratory issues.

Your home also suffers. Damp wood shrinks when it dries out. Doing so will warp the framing and allow more moisture to enter. It can also increase humidity levels. Your best strategy is to nip these issues in the bud before they develop. That means staying vigilant during the construction process.

Why Choose HomeRx and Performance Insulation Energy Services

Our team at HomeRx and Performance Insulation Energy Services understands how moisture can impact the different stages of construction. We work with all types of insulation, including spray foam, fiberglass, and cellulose. We know the best places to add insulation so that you enjoy the most value from your investment.

We also know how much insulation to add. The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) recommends an R-value range of R-49 to R-60 for attics in the Bend area and an R-value as low as R-30 in the Portland area. At HomeRx and Performance Insulation Energy Services , we can determine how much R-value you need for every part of your home.

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